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York Public Schools | September 22, 2017

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YPS Budget Notes

YPS Budget Notes
Gayla Knight

York Public Schools

Budget Notes

August 2017

Below are a few highlights of our proposed 2017-18 budget and tax request:

  • State Aid in 2017-18 is down another $59,001 from last year and will total just $166,556 for the year.

  • The 2017-18 tax request levy will decrease by 5.1 cents with the new proposed total levy decreasing to $1.16.

  • Due to modest land valuation growth, the 2017-18 total tax request will only increase by $46,948; which is just a 0.003% increase over last year.

  • Estimated spending will be around $15,600,000.

    • YPS has had an average annual spending increase of just 1.3% since 2008-09.

      • We’ve had a 0% spending increase since 2014-15


Much has been said about school funding, our over-reliance on local property taxes, and trying to control what we can control.  York Public Schools remains a founding member of the Nebraskans United Coalition that includes numerous groups across the state from business, agriculture, homeowner, and educational interests.  Some of the alarming data points this group works with are seen below.

  • Nebraska K-12 schools receive 49% of their funding from local property taxes while the national average is 29%.

    • YPS receives about 74% of our funding from local property taxes.

  • Nebraska K-12 schools receive 33% of their funding from state sources while the national average is 47%.

    • YPS receives only about 15% of our funding from the state.

  • Nebraska ranks 49th in the nation for the percentage of K-12 funding that comes from the state.


If you’re unable to make it to our board meeting on September 6th, please feel free to come to the YPS District Office at 1715 N. Delaware Avenue on August 30th or September 8th at 8:00 AM for special meetings we are hosting about our budget and tax request.  We want to communicate at a high level and we appreciate your feedback.  Thanks for your support!

Go Dukes,

Mike Lucas