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York Public Schools | February 16, 2019

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Remembering Our Fallen

Gayla Knight

A Traveling Photo Memorial of Nebraska’s Fallen Soldiers will be on display at York High School in the theater commons area from February 18th-26th. We would like to thank McDonald’s of York for covering the host fee so we can provide this for our students, staff, and community. Please feel free to come to York High School during regular school hours (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) between February 18th-26th to see this moving memorial.

We must remember these American Heroes and speak their names when we see their family members. We can never forget those who sacrificed everything for our freedom,” said Bill Williams, co-creator of the memorial. “While this memorial is about those who have died, it was created for the living…to help the families in their grief, while reminding the rest of us of the terrible price paid for our freedom by our current generation of military.”

A very emotional memorial, Remembering Our Fallen, is a stark reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by Nebraskans killed in The War on Terror (Post-9/11/2001) while wearing our country’s uniform in a war zone. The photo memorial, which includes military and personal photos of each of Nebraska’s Fallen, is traveling throughout the state and will be coming to York High School from February 18th-26th.

The financial sponsor of the memorial is Bellevue University, a private, non-profit University in Bellevue, Nebraska.  Founded in 1966, it has been a military-friendly school for 45 years. Bellevue University was an early adopter of distance learning and is now a leader in online education with students in every state and 55 foreign countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq. More information can be found at

This memorial, and 14 other state memorials representing 60% of our country’s fallen since 9/11/01, have been created by Patriotic Productions, a non-profit organization headquartered in Omaha. A national memorial with our nation’s Fallen from all states was unveiled July, 2017, and has since been traveling the nation. More information at:

Memorials have been completed for 15 states; if you would like to host the national or a state memorial, please visit: