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York Public Schools | August 17, 2019

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State Fair Education Competitions: August 24-25

State Fair Education Competitions: August 24-25
Dennis Haack

Nebraska is a national leader in education!   And each year the State Fair hosts two days of competitions for students in Grades K-12, to showcase the talents of Nebraska students.   Any YPS student interested in entering an academic event is invited to participate!

There are numerous events for students Grades K-12 to choose from.  Some students submit artwork or informative displays, others perform in speaking events, quiz bowl or take academic tests in their favorite subject areas.   There is even a contest to see who can stack a set of cups into a pyramid the fastest.  No matter what your strength or talent is, there is probably an event for you!  And there is absolutely no entry fee to participate.

Participating in a State Fair contest is not only fun, but it may earn the winners scholarship money toward college.  While only the top competitors receive ribbons, trophies and scholarships, nobody goes home empty handed from the State Fair!  All student participants receive a free State Fair T-shirt and free admission to the Fair on the day of their event.  Parents of students participating in events are able to order tickets for the fair at a reduced price, so the rest of the family can come and watch!  (The  Ticket Order Form may be downloaded below.  Orders should be sent to the State Fair address on the form, not to the school.)    

This year the events will be held on Saturday, August 24 and Sunday August 25.  The schedule of events on those days can be found on pages 5-6 of “Entry Book” (See attachment below.)

If you are interested in participating, you may fill out the attached “Registration Form” and return it to Mr. Dennis Haack, at York High School, 1005 Duke Drive, York, Nebraska 68467, before July 1.

Alternatively, you may also e-mail Mr. Haack (   ) the following information: 1)  the name of the student ,  2) the grade-level in which he or she  was during the 2018-19 school year,  3) his or her T-shirt size and 4)  the list of events that he or she wishes to complete in.  Please include “State Fair” in the subject line of the e-mail.

The Entry Book (see attachement) gives you the details and rules pertaining to each event .

When do the entries need to be submitted?  Art work, display boards, etc. may be delivered to Mr. Haack, at the high school office, between August 9 and August 15.

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  Some entries (poetry, short stories, penmanship, slide presentations ) must be delivered to the State Fair Office by JULY 15.  It is  the student’s responsibility to submit these entries to the State Fair by the due date.  ( See page 4 of the Entry Book for options on delivering these entries)  

Attached are the Entry Book (with complete information on the events),  Registration Form and Reduced-Price Ticket for Family Order Form