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York Public Schools | June 6, 2020

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Weekly Update from Mrs. Friesen

Weekly Update from Mrs. Friesen
Gayla Knight

Monday, May 18, 2020

YES Families,

Well folks, that’s a wrap in our 2019-2020 school year. We hope you are all able to come this week at your scheduled time, we are so excited to see you!

Remember this week and over the summer to tune into our YESFacebook page for updates. This week we are ending our year with all of YOU helping us to declare our 2020 YES Teacher Idol Champion. Check out the clips on our FB page and cast your vote. Voting ends this Wednesday, May 20 at 10 pm. You won’t believe some of the dance moves and amazing performances!!!

Chromebook/Device Check-In

After or before you have gone through the pick-up parade this week, take your school-issued computer to York High School

  • We need you to bring your borrowed computers into YHS
  • Enter through the south main entrance
  • Wait in line as we follow social distancing guidelines
  • Make certain you return all borrowed equipment including the power cord

(If you are not able to check in the device before or after the pick-up parade/graduation, you will be able to follow the same procedures anytime the week of May 18-22, from 8-4 at York High School)

Grade Level Pick-Up Parades & Graduations: May 18-22, 2020

This week will be a fun-filled week for us at YES.  Below is a chart of the different graduation celebrations and pick-up parades that are scheduled.  Please know that this is a huge undertaking and I realize that not all times and days are convenient for parents and families.  If parents or immediate family are not able to bring students, it is fine for you to have someone else bring students at their assigned time; however, an adult must bring students in a vehicle.  No walking or riding bikes will be allowed.  We are just trying our best, within the parameters that we are given, to be able to say a proper good-bye to our students and their families and bring some type of closure to the 2019-2020 school year.  We must still be mindful and follow the guidelines from our state & local health department, so we really need you to understand what we can and cannot do for those graduations and parades. 5th grade graduation will take place off campus at student’s homes and kindergarten graduation will happen in the front loop; Kindergartners will be getting out to take a picture, those students and parents will be communicated with so that they are aware of the specifics of those graduations.

We will have administration or staff at the beginning of the front loop checking off each student’s name. We will not be able to allow students/families to come at a different time other than what has been scheduled and what teachers have shared with you.

  • Everyone must stay in their cars during the pick-up parades for PreK, and 1st-4th grades & Kindergarten Graduation!
  • We will need to practice social distancing for everyone’s health, safety and well-being. We will be giving lots of “air hugs” & “air-fist bumps”. Trust me this is so very hard, most of the teachers in this building are big huggers and all we want to do is give each of our students a big squeeze, but that just can’t happen.
  • Please look at home for any library books or other materials that need to be returned to school, as you pull into the front circle drive for the pick-up parade there will be someone there to collect those items from you.
  • For our Kinder Graduation and our Pick-Up Parades, we are strongly encouraging one car per student. IF that is not possible, make sure that the cars are together in line.
  • You are welcome to take pictures from your car, but no one will be allowed to get out for any reason. (Kindergarten Students will be getting out to take their picture; however, only Kindergarten students will be able to get out of their car, everyone else must stay put. We will be taking pictures and sharing them with families; all pictures that you take will have to be from your vehicle)
  • We will be on a tight schedule, so we will be keeping everyone moving so that we are able to fit all grade levels and classrooms in as scheduled! Please come during your assigned time, be prepared to wait in line and we will do our best to keep everything moving along!

 YES Graduation & Pick Up Parade Schedule
 for the
Week of May 18-22

Pre-K Pick Up Parade – Thursday, May 21, 1-4 @ YES Front Loop
Kindergarten Graduation – Tuesday, May 19, 12-4 @ YES Front Loop
1st Grade Pick Up Parade – Monday, May 18, 9-12 @ YES Front Loop
2nd Grade Pick Up Parade – Monday, May 18, 1-4 @ YES Front Loop
3rd Grade Pick Up Parade – Wednesday, May 20, 9-12 @ YES Front Loop
4th Grade Pick Up Parade – Thursday, May 21, 9-12 @ YES Front Loop
5th Grade Graduation – Tues-Wed-Thurs, May 19-20-21, 12-6 Off Campus at Student’s Home

YES Students and Families, I hope you all have an amazing summer!  You all have rocked this crazy distance learning!!  I sure hope that most of you are able to come at your scheduled times so that we can tell you a proper goodbye and wish you all a great summer!!

I am hoping that next fall we are able to start as planned. I promise to stay in touch!!  Take care and stay healthy and remember, we are better together!!

Kris Friesen
Principal, York Elementary School
FaceBook: YES (York Elementary School)
Twitter: YESDukePride
YES Address:  1501 Washington Ave, York NE  68467