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York Public Schools | September 24, 2020

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YES Kindergarten Families – please read

Gayla Knight

Monday, May 11, 2020

YES Kindergarten Families

Hello, 2019-2020 Kindergarten Students & Families!  Earlier today you should have received my weekly parent letter that I sent out to all YES Pre-K-5th Grade students and families.  This is additional information about our very special afternoon next Tuesday, May 19, 2020, when we will be celebrating our YES Kindergarten Class of 2020!  I cannot wait for Tuesday to be here.  While in a lot of ways I feel like we have all been cheated out of time with your sweet kiddos, I also know that just seeing them again will make my heart full!  I also wanted to say a special thanks to you, the families of our YES Kindergartners!  Who would have ever guessed that we would be here planning a Kindergarten Graduation in a global pandemic.  Thanks for being awesome, flexible, willing, supportive, and understanding as we navigated through this crazy time together!

The kindergarten team has worked really hard to put together a special celebration for students while staying within all of the guidelines and parameters that we have been given.  I have a senior in high school and this has also been a crazy time for us to move through what should be such an awesome milestone and at times I get frustrated this is all happening, but then I remember this is happening across the world and we all need to do our part to keep each other safe and healthy!  So, I really need your help and understanding when it comes to how this special afternoon will unfold.  Please know that this is not exactly how we want to celebrate these kiddos that we have come to love and adore, but we feel that this is the very best that we can do under the circumstances.

YES Kindergarten Graduation Schedule
Tuesday, May 19, 2020~ Front Loop of YES

Time of Graduation
                             Mrs. Eldred’s Class                                              12:00-12:45
                           Mrs. McCarthy’s Class                                               12:50-1:35
                              Mrs. Sikes’ Class                                                 1:40-2:25
                             Mrs. Dennis’ Class                                                 2:30-3:15
                           Mrs. Alexander’s Class                                                 3:20-4:00


Important Kindergarten Graduation Information:

  • Please plan to be at the school and in-line with your cars at your scheduled time.  We will do our best to keep things moving, but will also ask for your patience.
  • IF you have grandmas/grandpas, other family that want to come, just make sure that you are all in line together.  We will continue to encourage one car per student, but will be understanding if there needs to be two; however, that will be the maximum allowed.
  • As we move through our graduation cruise we will need to make sure we are practicing social distancing and following protocols.  Again no hugs or high fives (and I will have to remind myself of that a million times as all I really want to do is give your child(ren) a big hug and tell them how much I have missed them…..but I won’t!!)
  • We will only let you in the front loop if it is your student’s assigned time for graduation. If you are early we will ask that you turn around and park facing south on Washington Ave next to our east playground.
  • When you come into the front loop you will be met by a staff member that will hand you a sign with your students’ name, we ask you that you put this in the front of your windshield so that we are able to look ahead and have things ready for you! This is also where you will turn in any library books and school materials.
  • The next stop on the graduation cruise is where you will receive any of your student’s belongings that they left at school.  You will also get your child’s diploma and graduation hat!!  Please have them get their hat on and give them their diploma to hold at this time.
  • The next stop on the kindergarten graduation cruise will be where your child will see their teacher.  They will be standing at a podium ready to announce their name.  Remind your child that they can’t give hugs, and after there has been some waving and greeting between the teacher, graduate and families, your child’s classroom teacher will give the direction for your graduate to get out of the car…this is when we would like for your kindergartener to step out of their car and step on the stage we have ready for them.  We will have staff there to take pictures and will be sharing those with you.  You are also welcome to take pictures at this time, but you must stay in your car!!
  • After your child’s picture has been taken and we have cheered and shared our congratulations, your graduate will get back into the vehicle!  The school and kindergarten will be in your rearview mirror and you will be driving away with a first grader!!
  • If for some reason Mother Nature does NOT cooperate with us, our plan will not change, we will just be setting up tents at each station.


Thanks for being flexible and understanding as we plan YES Kinder Graduation, COVID19 style!  We sure appreciate all of you and truly could not have done these last several weeks without you and your amazing support.  If you have any questions or need more clarification be sure to reach out to your child’s teacher or contact me anytime!

Kris Friesen
Principal, York Elementary School
FaceBook: YES (York Elementary School)
Twitter: YESDukePride
YES Address:  1501 Washington Ave, York NE  68467