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York Public Schools | March 28, 2023

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YPS Facility Access For Youth Sports

Gayla Knight

Current Plan (11/9/20):

  • Facilities will be available to activities involving York students for practice activities only with the limits listed below in place.

    • Only activities involving 100% York students.

    • Facilities not open for competitions.

      • Why?

        • COVID-19 community transmission across the state is at a high level

        • Bringing multiple communities together for non NSAA activities is not recommended

        • Setup/takedown, broader facility accessibility/management, cleaning, staffing limitations, etc.

    • Proper safety practices are required (e.g., use of face coverings by athletes except during the rigorous activity and coach for the entire practice, possible temperature checks, kids only and no parents, etc.).  Coaches/activities not following protocols will be denied future access.

    • Facilities will be closed to youth sports activities if public health conditions warrant the need for 50% capacity or remote learning at any level or if the potential for movement to 50% capacity or remote learning is imminent without proactive mitigation.

    • Some or all facilities may be closed or access further limited based upon reasonable operational variables:

      • Ability to sufficiently implement custodial cleaning services per protocols to mitigate the spread of the virus in our schools.

        • Examples:

          • Wrestling vs. Basketball and potentially different cleaning needs based on NSAA guidance (TBD)

          • Ability to sufficiently prepare school for next day from a cleaning standpoint w/ facilities in use.

          • General custodial crew capacity.