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York Public Schools | October 20, 2021

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Safe Return to School – ESSER

York Public Schools collaborated with students, staff, parents, community members, local and state health officials to create our 2020-21 COVID-19 Return to School Plan.  YPS used multiple avenues to distribute this plan to students, parents, and the York community.  

YPS is now evaluating that plan and is transitioning to our 2021-22 Safe Return to School plan.  This plan will continue to use our driving beliefs and the core planning tenets.   YPS will continue to evaluate this plan every six months to ensure our Safe Return to School plan is updated on a regular basis.  

York Public Schools will utilize American Rescue Plan ESSER resources to address student learning needs and to provide a safe environment for all students.  Below are the links for the Return to School Plan and a survey for you to provide your feedback.  

York Public Schools Safe Return to School Plan Draft

York Public Schools Pandemic Plan and Esser Plan Survey