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York Public Schools | October 18, 2018

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YPS Foundation Fundraising Campaign

YPS Foundation Fundraising Campaign
Gayla Knight

Assisting to preserve and/or enhance the quality of education for YPS students”

Established- 2007

501(c)(3) Non-profit organization

Two factors in the past few years have pushed the YPS Foundation to seek out more ways raise money to meet our mission.

  • Lack of adequate state funding for education
  • Increase in property taxes

The above-mentioned reasons  make it difficult for YPS to meet meet student needs while also keeping taxpayer increases at the forefront of budget-making decisions.


“Luck of the Draw” was our first major fundraiser on April 27, 2018. It was a reverse drawing limited to 300 tickets with a prize of $5000. Thanks to the efforts of many and the support of local businesses, it was a great success. We raised almost $10,000. We are now involved in our first annual fundraising drive. The main purpose of this first annual drive is to bring awareness of the Foundation to alumni and the public in general and, depending on the support, to be able to establish an endowment fund so that the Foundation is able to support YPS projects as needed in the future. Except for the “Luck of the Draw” last April, all of our fundraisers have been either meal deals or working concessions which brought in enough to grant some individual classroom requests and help set up the Phil-Anthropy account in Phil Towle’s honor.  We haven’t set a specific goal for this year, nor have we determined what the amount would be for the establishment of a viable endowment fund; but we are reaching out to local financial advisors who might be interested in investing that money in order to get their recommendations.


Please consider becoming a donor. The following donor levels have been established as Friends of the Foundation:

  Friend –    $25-$99             Builder –  $250 – $499              Navy & Gold –     $1000 – $2,499   Believer – $100 – $249     Founder – $500 – $999             Forever a Duke – $2500 & above

You may become a donor and receive recognition on the screens at YHS and YMS, in the Foundation brochure and other publications, on the YPS website, in the York News Times, and at our Hall of Fame Recognition Event in the Fall. You will also receive a window cling to acknowledge your donation. Just know, that most of all, you are helping our YPS students.


Yes, I am pleased to support the YPS Foundation in “assisting to preserve and/or enhance the quality of education for YPS students” as a Friend of the Foundation.


Name_______________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________


Email_______________________________________________ Phone:______________________________________________

I have enclosed my gift in the amount of:

Friend $_______________         Builder $______________     Navy & Gold $________________

Believer $______________        Founder $ _____________ Forever A Duke $______________

Please return this form with your check made payable to the YPS Foundation with “Friends of the Foundation” noted in the memo line to the YPS Foundation. 1715 Delaware Avenue, York, NE 68467. If you prefer to use PayPal, click on the donate button. Gifts are tax-deductible, and receipt will be provided.